About US

Created on 4 January, 2024 • 28 views • 1 minutes read

Welcome to QRGen, your one-stop shop for fast, easy and customizable QR code generation.

Founded in 2018, QRGen was created to make QR code creation accessible for everyone. We believe QR codes are the future of digital marketing, payments, and information sharing. Our intuitive drag-and-drop website empowers both individuals and businesses to leverage the power of QR codes.

At QRGen, we don't just provide QR codes - we enable innovation. Our suite of tools allows you to create QR codes for a wide range of uses:

  • Marketing & Promotions - Drive traffic to websites, videos, coupons
  • Contact Information - Share social profiles, emails, phone numbers
  • Payments - Accept contactless payments using QR codes
  • WiFi Access - Let users connect to WiFi networks easily -Tracking - Generate insights with QR code scan analytics

We make QR code generation easy. In just a few clicks, you can customize colors, add logos, and tweak a range of display options. Bulk generation and management features streamline creation for large QR code campaigns.

Our commitment to a top-tier user experience has made QRGen a globally trusted QR code solution. We handle over 10 million QR code generation requests per month.

At QRGen, we believe QR codes should be accessible to all. Our suite of free and paid plans means individuals and businesses have flexibility. Please explore our platform - we can't wait for you to experience the convenience of QR codes!